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Felső-Bácska-Homokhát Natúrpark


Turisztikai látnivalók

Backa eco-gastro tour along the EuroVelo13 Iron Curtion Trail Cycle Route

Short discription:

During the two-day tour we can learn the natural and cultural values around Bácsalmás and taste the gastronomic delicacies of the region. The route is driving through Bácsalmás - Madaras - Katymár - Bácsborsód - Bácsbokod - Csávoly-Borota, than Borota - Jánoshalma- Mélykút- Bácsalmás. Tourguiding at each interpretation centre may be asked from the organizer Tourist Office Bácsalmás.

  • Distance: 95 km
  • Duration: 2 day/1 night
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Recommended for: student, adult, senior
  • Proposed period: throughout the year
  • priority period: june-august

Program orgnizer:  Felső-Bácskai és Homokháti Értékmegőrző Natúrpark Egyesület

Name: Mrs. Némethné Légrády Kinga

Phone: +36 (30) 7434962

E-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.


  • Route: Bácsalmás - Madaras - Katymár - Bácsborsód - Bácsbokod - Csávoly-Borota
  • Távolság: 60 km
  • Programs:
    • Lake Sós Nature Trail of Bácsalmás (Sós-tó tanösvény)
    • Naturepark House of Bácsalmás (Natúrparki Bemutatóház – Bácsalmás)
    • Palinka Distilleres of Madaras
    • Country house of Madaras
    • Geological formation of Madaras
    • Cattle walk of Madaras
    • Backa Buffalo Ranch (Bácskai-Bivalyos Birtok
    • Vodica-Chapel and Holly fountain
    • Latinovits-Mausoleum
    • Latinovits Endre’s, Village Museum of Bácsbokod
    • Texas Restaurant Saloon
  • Quarters: Koch Winery and Pansion (Koch Borászat és Panzió - Borota)

On the first day we can learn the natural values of Bacsalmas and Madaras. In Madaras we must see the nature protected geological formation, the layers of this loess wall was building up even in the ice age.

Than we visit in Katymár the Backa Buffalo Ranch, where we can taste the buffalomeat and see the beauties of livestock.

In Katymár we can turn off to see the Vodica-Chapel and Holly fountain. In Bácsborsód we can see the Latinovits-Mausoleum, in Bácsbokod the newly renovated, frescoed Village Museum.

We should have our afternoon snack in the wild west atmosphere of Texas Restaurant Saloon of Csávoly. We will take to our accommodation at Koch Winery, which is produces internationally recognised premium wines, where they wating us with winetasting dinner.

  • Route: Borota - Jánoshalma- Mélykút- Bácsalmás
  • Distance: 35 km

    • Local History Collection of Jánoshalma
    • Memorial House of Szvetnik Joachim
    • Amateur private observatory of Carl Sagan, Gáspár Confectionary


  • Quarters:  

On the second day our tour lead to Jánoshalma. In the Local History Collection we can learn 120 million years old fishfossils, plant remains, rare rock types as well as 5-6 thousand years old indian tools from Brazil.

Going home We can admire in Mélykút the Memorial House, that preserves and proclaims the memory of Szvetnik Joachim, one of the biggest talent of  goldsmith's art in Hungary.

Than we can visit an amateur private observatory in Mélykút. At the end we must taste the ice-cream of Gáspár Confectionary in Mélykút.

Detailing program elements: