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Felső-Bácska-Homokhát Natúrpark


Megatour form Danube to Sand Ridge along the EuroVelo13 Iron Curtion Trail Cycle Route

Short discription:

On the tour we can visit the values of Bács-Kiskun county along the EuroVelo13 Iron Curtion Trail Cycle Route.

During our trip firstly we make a detour along the EuroVelo6 Cycle Route to Baja, to the turistic center of the region, than our route is driving through Bátmonostor, Nagybaracska, Csátalja, Gara, Bácsborsód, Katymár, Madaras, Bácsalmás, Kunbaja, Bácsszőlős, Csikéria, Kelebia and Tompa, affects several nature protected national values, monuments, remainder bunkers of Iron Curtion, moreover former castles.

We will be part of a historical timetravel: we will walk through the landscape of rich Backa before the borderchange of Trianon Treaty. You can bike in some places forest and land roads, but mostly on low traffic, paved roads, on beautiful lowland landscape sites, viewing unique natural and built heritage.

Tourguiding at each interpretation centre may be asked from the organizer Tourist Office Bácsalmás.

  • Distance: 235 km
  • Duration: 6 days/5 night
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Recommended for: student, adult
  • Proposed period: throughout the year
  • priority period: June-August

Program organizer: Felső-Bácskai és Homokháti Értékmegőrző Natúrpark Egyesület

Name: Mrs. Némethné Légrády Kinga

Phone: +36 (30) 7434962

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  • Route: Újmohács-Dunafalva-Szeremle-Baja
  • Distance: 40 km
  • Programs:
    • Ruins of port-fortress of Dunafalva
    • Ethnographic Collection of Szeremle
    • Deák Ferenc Flood Gate - Water Exhibition (Deák Ferenc-zsilip - vízügyi kiállítás)
    • Dead Danube Trail of Szeremle  (Szeremlei-Holt-Duna tanösvény)
    • Pandúr Ecopark (Pandúr Ökopark)
    • Boatmill and Fisheries Skanzen (Hajómalom és halászati miniskanzen)
    • Türr István Monument (Türr kilátó)
  • Quarters: Ark Guesthouse (Bárka Pihenőház - Baja)

We start our tour from Újmohács and make a detour along the beautiful Danube River Bank, along the EuroVelo6 Cycle Route to Baja. We spend our first rest in Dunafalva, at the roman ruins standing by the Danue River Bank.

It is assumed, that the ruins formed the sanctuary of Angel’s church in the famous Battle of Mohács, which was flown here according to the folklore. Than our trip drive to Szeremle.

The small settlement is famous of her local weavers and embroidery art. Ufter visiting the ethnographic collection, we ar looking for natural values in and around Baja.

  • Route: Baja
  • Distance: 20 km

    • Motorized boat tour on the Danube with a guide or canoerental
    • Earthdog Reservation of Baja  (Bajai földikutya-rezervátum)
    • Türr István Museum (Türr István Múzeum)
    • Owlery – Memorial House of Miskolcz Ferenc (Miskolczy Ferenc Emlékháza)

  • Quarters: Ark Guesthouse (Bárka Pihenőház - Baja)

MWe dedicate our second day only for Baja. We should take advantage of the location of our accomodation and attend in a boat tour on the beautiful Danube.

In the afternoon let’s have a walk to the downtown of Baja and enjoy the mediterranean city's vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss to visit during our walks Earthdog Reservation of Baja.

By help of expert we can learn the approximately 114 hectares expanse of loess plains grassland, which is the habitat of our country's most vulnerable vertebrate animals, the specially protected soutern earthdog.

  • Route: Baja-Bátmonostor-Nagybaracska-Gara-Bácsborsód-Katymár-Madaras
  • Distance: 70 km
  • Programs:
    • Vodica - Mary's tears pilgrim place of Baja
    • Vodica Lavender (Vodicai Levendulás)
    • Bárka Wayhouse (Bárka Csárda)
    • National memorial monument of Csátalja (Nemzeti megemlékezési emlékmű)
    • Village Museum of Gara (Falumúzeum - Gara)
    • Latinovits-Mausoleum (Latinovits-sírkápolna)
    • Latinovits Endre’s Chateau (Latinovits Endre - kúria)
    • Vodica-Chapel and Holly fountain
    • Backa Buffalo Ranch  (Bácskai-Bivalyos Birtok)
    • Geological formation of Madaras
    • Cattle walk of Madaras
    • Country house of Madaras
    • Palinka Distilleres of Madaras
  • Quarters: Haffler farm (Haffler-tanya – Madaras)

The first stop of our third day is the Vodica - Mary's tears pilgrim place next to Baja and the Vodica Lavender in the neighborhood. Than we should have a rest in the Bárka Csárda, famous of her fishsoup. Moving on it is worth to see in Bácsborsód the Latinovits-Mausoleum and Latinovits-Chateau.

Than we visit in Katymár the Backa Buffalo Ranch, where we can taste the buffalomeat and see the beauties of livestock. In Katymár we can turn off to see the Vodica-Chapel and Holly fountain. In Madaras we must see the nature protected geological formation, the layers of this loess wall was building up even in the ice age.

We will take to our accommodation at Haffler-farm in Madaras. At the evening with transfer or go on foot to the Palinka Distillers of Madaras, where we can learn the trade of pálinka making and we can taste the internationally recognised palinka during a dinner.

  • Route: Madaras – Bácsalmás
  • Distance: 20 km

    • Lake Sós Nature Trail of Bácsalmás (Natúrparki bemutatóház – Bácsalmás)
    • Naturepark House of Bácsalmás  (Bácsalmási Sós-tó és tanösvény)
    • Visitor center of local history Bácsalmás
    • Blue-dyeing Workshop of Bácsalmás (Bácsalmási Kékfestő Műhely)
    • Country house and historic park of Local History Visitor Center of Bácsalmás
    • Kossuth Park

  • Quarters: Yellow Horse Pension and Restaurant (Sárga Csikó Panzió és Étterem – Bácsalmás )




On the forth day we can learn about the natural and cultural heritage of Bácsalmás. In the Blue-dyeing Workshop of Bácsalmás we can learn the blue dyeing trade , whitch is flying four generations from father to son.

In the Visitor Center and Country hous we can get to know the elder days life of the citizen’s and farmer’s in Bácsalmás.

  • Route: Bácsalmás – Kunbaja – Bácsszőlős - Csikéria - Kelebia - Tompa
  • Distance: 70 km
  • Programs:
    • Redl Castle and park
    • Number of 106 Watchman's House
    • Kincses Forest goat farm
    • Naturepark House of Kelebia
    • Bácsborista legelő
    • Pasture-land, Fish ponds and forests of Kelebia
  • Quarters: Hunters guest house of Sáskalapos

On the first part of our fifth day we can learn the area's only remaining school chapel and we can discover by expert guide the castle and park of Redl family completed in the early 1830s in romantic style, furthermore we can access to the St. Anne's Church next to the castle, which was built up by the family around the turn of 19th and 20th century.

From the church the locals keep that it is a miniature of the Mathias Church of Budapest.

On the second part of the day we can learn the natural and cultural heritage of Kelebia.

  • Route: Kelebia - Tompa
  • Distance: 15 km



    • Naturepark Exhibition of Tompa
    • Bunyevác local history collection
    • House of collections of Tompa
    • Local market
    • Bunkers
  • Quarters:  



On our last day we can learn about the natural and cultural heritage and the enhanced fuel - and observation posts of the Southern Protection System of Tompa.

Detailing program elements: